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HealthActions Fitness

Available at
Jackson, Atmore, & Monroeville


24/7 Fitness: Workout at a time that best suits your schedule!

  • Cardio Equipment

  • Strength Training Machines

  • Free Weights

  • Locker Rooms Equipped with Showers

Group Fitness:

  • Included with any HealthActions membership

  • A variety of class times Monday – Friday for people of all experience levels

  • Try up to 2 classes for FREE before joining!

Personal Training:

  • All members are eligible for a Free Fitness Assessment and Gym Orientation with a personal trainer

  • Additional appointments with a trainer are available for additional cost (call for pricing and scheduling options)

Kangen Water:

  • Alkaline- helps counteract the acidic foods and liquids we drink preventing the body from becoming acidic. An acidic body is a breeding ground for disease.

  • Micro-Clustered- Kangen Water is restructured for easy hydration. As a baby we are 80% water, as a senior we are 45% water. Proper hydration makes it easier for your body to transport & absorb nutrients and eliminate waste.

  • Antioxidant- helps repair free radicals (damaged cells) and reduces inflammation.

Health Actions Gym and Fitness center in Atmore, Alabama
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